Application for arrangement

This is the page for applying for permission to perform, sell, or record our managed music with an arrangement.

  • If you are using an arrangement that has already been approved, or if there is no possibility of violating the arrangement rights (the right to maintain identity included in the moral rights of the author), you do not need to apply for permission from us. Please submit an application for use to JASRAC/Nextone (or the copyright management organization in the region of use if the use is outside Japan).
  • Even if you have get the agreement for arrangement on this page, you must also apply to JASRAC/Nextone (or the copyright management organization in the region of use if you are outside Japan).
  • Please attach your proposal and other materials to the email that will be sent automatically after your application, if you have.

If you do not submit a proposal or other materials, please answer all the items.

Click here for the general conditions for arrangement.

Songs to be applied for on this page

Most of Yoko Kanno’s music is managed by publishers other than us. On this page, we only accept the application for songs managed by our company. For songs managed by other companies, please contact the managing publisher.

If you do not receive a response from the publisher, or if you cannot find it in J-WID, please contact us here.

Representative songs and publishers

Macross related, including “Lion”Big West Music Publishing
“TANK!” and others related to Cowboy BeobopSunrise Music
“Platinum,” “Hana wa Saku,” and “Onna Joju Naotora” relatedNHK Publishing
Ray of Water (Journey to Harmony)Our company

How to identify the publisher and management organization of a piece of music

Please search J-WID.

For example, if you search for  “TANK!“, you will get many results, but if you add the author name: Yoko Kanno, you will find TANK! with the code of 057-7767-4.

We are very sorry but, J-WID supports only Japanese. In some cases, you may not be able to search by Yoko Kanno. Therefore, please enter 菅野よう子, not Yoko Kanno, as the author’s name in the search.

If you look at “the Management status (field of use)”, you will see that “○” is for performance use and “x” for other use.

This means that you need to apply to JASRAC for performance use, or to someone other than JASRAC for other uses. (For non-JASRAC use, it’s usually Nextone.)

In addition, the management status details show that

1Yoko KannoCompositionJASRAC
2Sunrise Music Division 3PublishersongsJASRAC

This indicates that Sunrise Music Division 3 is managing the music.

If there are multiple publishers, the first line is the “representative publisher” you should inquire.

Application for Use (Arrangement Permission Application) Form

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