Post your demo

For security reasons, we will not download your demo, so please send us URL(s) that can be played on any platform (Windows, MacOS) such as Youtube, etc. Dropbox or some platform which we need to download are not available. Please let the URL(s) available for access at least two weeks.

We will contact you in case we can’t access your demo in some reasons.

If you apply a password (optional), please fill the password field.

We will forward only your link to Yoko Kanno.

Please understand the following when sending your submission.

  • Please submit only your own work that has been fully cleared of copyright and other legal issues.
  • If you belong to an agent office, please have the office submit.
  • Please submit one of your best works (no more than 2 or 3 works at most).
  • We will forward only your work to Yoko.
  • We will not contact you regardless of the quality of the content, and will not respond to any requests for comments.
  • We will contact you only when Yoko has a work that she needs your contribution. However, unfortunately, even if she finds you a wonderful player, there is not much chance that you will be offered work because she takes a lot of time with each work, and despite the fact that many of her works are well-known, she has few works than other composers.

    →実演の場合パート/ part of perfomance

    If you are submitting more than one demo, please provide a link to the second and third demos in the message field below. If you apply a password, please make sure they are all the same.